If you follow me on social media (which I’m hoping that’s why you’re here) you know that I broke the news about two weeks ago that I am taking my talents to the West Coast! That’s right – I’m moving to Los Angeles! 🌴

Yes – I’m excited. Yes – I’m nervous as hell, but before I get into all of that, here is how this HUGE, life changing decision came about for me.

I just need to preface my story with this: I am a Christian, so my faith plays a huge role in how I make my decisions. I fully rely on Him to guide my paths, but in November of last year, the whole “lean not on your own understanding” thing just was nottttttttt vibing with me (& the Lord said, “LOL”)

I would say my nightly prayers and I kept hearing Him say, “You need to move to LA.” …and I kid you not, I was having full on arguments with God up until February of this year. I would go down the list of all of the reasons why I couldn’t go:
-It’s too far.
-I’ll miss my family too much
-LA people vs NY people: I’m gonna be looked at like the psycho from NYC that beeps everyone and is always in a  rush and they’re literally going to kick me out of the state of California 😂
-I’ll miss the change of seasons
-I don’t want to look like just another beauty queen/model/”influencer” that moved to LA
-I don’t want my New York fam to look at me like I’m a traitor!!!!

& to all of these things, God said, “B*tch. You’re going.” and yes, I believe he cussed me out because I was fighting it for TOO long LOL. You know how they say, “When you make plans, God laughs?” – well he was hollering at me and my so called resistance.

By February I realized that I really didn’t have a choice, and what was I holding onto anyway? I’ve been in New York for 8 years, and I really feel like I’ve made my mark here! New York has served it’s purpose for me, and now it’s time for a change. I’ve gotten too comfortable here, and that’s how I know it’s time to move on. The best thing about New York City is that you can always come back and you will always be welcome.

In addition to God telling me about myself, the move just makes career sense. As a multi-media journalist with a passion in the “lifestyle” space (beauty, fashion, pop-culture), LA is the hub of that kind of media. NYC is incredible, but the focus here is geared towards traditional news and hard-hitting journalism. Let’s face it – I love talking about world issues, but I love talking about what we can expect from season 15 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, okkkkurrrrt?! 💁🏽‍♀️ I’m excited to expand my network, *fingers crossed* get an agent, and take my dreams from the clouds to the pavement. I’m ready for the work, I need more of the hustle. I need to do what fuels my soul – and that’s television.

Turning 25 was a huge turning point in making this decision as well. I used to laugh at people when they talked about the whole, “quarter century life crisis” thing, but it’s so real! You start looking at your life and creating a timeline of what you want to accomplish and when. Of course it’s all bullish*t in hindsight, but there is a real anxiety that arises when you start to think about what you want the next 5 years of your life to be like, because your brain tells you that you’re going to blink your eyes and be 30. (F*ck LOL). Where does the time even go?! I swear I was just celebrating my 21st birthday, like, yesterday. I digress. 

I’ve decided to put that anxiety in a box, shove it to the very back of my mind and just live my life and be 25 freaking years old. If I want to move to LA – F*ck it. Let’s do it. If I want to drive a Jeep and live my very best California life, that’s what I’m going to do! No but actually, I think I’m going to get a Jeep & be totally stereotypical 😬 I only have right now to be in the right now, so that’s what I’m going to do – for the first time in my life.

I can’t say that I’m completely anxiety free about this whole thing, but I’m trying. I am going to miss my family like hell, but that’s what planes are for. I’m going to miss the seasons changing, but that’s what visits are for. I’m going to miss having access to whatever I want, whenever I want – but I guess that will teach me patience. I’m going to feel a little cray cray amongst chill LA folk, but maybe that will help me get to my goals faster, or teach me how to slow down. & Since WHEN do I care about what people think about me or my decision making?! I’m doing this for me, and I’m so excited about it! Even if it doesn’t work out, at least I can say that I did it. To me, that’s better than being so overcome by fear that I don’t even try.

I know this blog is a little all over the place, but I just felt the need to free write and not overthink it (like I did my move LOL). I just want to encourage you, if you’re going through anxiety or doubt in making a big decision that could propel your future, or just give you a different experience in life – just say f*ck it and do it. One thing I can’t live my life with is the regret that I should’ve tried something and I didn’t. Don’t miss your opportunity. Don’t let anxiety get in the way.

We got this xx

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