I know what you’re thinking. “WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!?!?” – Well… where do I even start?

I’ve been in school, went to Dubai & Costa Rica, LA, Vegas, continued gallivanting in the streets of NYC, on model sets, TV sets, home in Maryland with the fam, and… I GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE! Man, that was one I never thought I was going to be able to say! Shit takes FOREVER! But if you’re going through it, keep on going! It will be over before you know it, and even if you’re someone like me who hates institutional learning (aka prison) and learns best out in the field actually doing something hands-on – you, just like me, will find yourself up at 3 AM the morning of your graduation day bawling your eyes out because… well… it’s over! The struggle, the triumphs, the HOMEWORK!!!!!! the midterms, the bullshit. It’s all over! And it was actually one of the most bittersweet moments of my life. Its a combination of pride in your latest accomplishment doused in fear of the unknown.

Let me tell you, adult life is no joke. My first day as a free adult, I messed up almost everything lol. Woke up late for my best friends graduation and almost missed it and cried my eyes out, locked myself out of my apartment, was late to the grad dinner, showed up at the wrong location FOR said grad dinner, and in turn was even later to the actual dinner LOL. Look, shit happens, right?

The week after the graduation called for another ~*adult*~ move – apartment hunting! It was terrible to say the least as any apartment hunt is, but I ended up signing a lease to the apartment of my dreams and I just moved in a few days ago!!!!! 😀 I’m in LOVE! It seriously makes me fall in love with NYC all over again. I really feel like a new, positive space can inspire you. Hence, why I’m blogging again! Not that I couldn’t do it before, but I just wasn’t inspired to do anything in my old apartment really, except eat stir-fry everyday. Shout out to Open Kitchen on William St.

ANYWAYS! My new place is gorgeous and my life is full and blessed and lovely. I wake up every morning and go to bed every night thanking God for the life he’s given me and the opportunities he’s sent my way. Not to get too preachy, but Jesus is real people lol he’s done wonders in my life because I’m following His path.

I have a lot of amazing things going on right now and I’m DYING to tell you all about them. But I cant :/ BUT I WANT TO!!! But I’ll wait 😉

So how the hell are ya? 🙂



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