Fashion is Coming!

Yes, that would be me quoting Game of Thrones without ever having watched it. BUT, I figured it was fitting for this post since New York Fashion Week is rapidly approaching! Fashion Week in NYC is an exciting, confusing, traumatizing, chaotic time – in all the best ways. I’ve had the pleasure of attending NYFW shows since I was 17 years old (I’ll be 25 in October), and there are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned as an avid participant of the biggest event in Manhattan each season.

If you’re a newbie to NYFW – WELCOME! Strap yourself in, because it’s about to be one helluva ride!

Here are my tips for surviving your first NYFW:

  1. When Attending Shows All Day – MAKE. SURE. YOU. EAT. SOMETHING. Right now somebody, somewhere is reading this like, “Ok – duh, Kamie. Next tip please.” AND IF THAT’S YOU I SUGGEST YOU READ THE REST OF WHAT I’M ABOUT TO TELL YOU RIGHT HERE. As simple of a task as eating seems, it’s super easy to forget when you’re running from show to show, event to event, open champagne bar to another open champagne bar. Chances are if you’re like me, you’ll end up consuming way more champagne than food, and the entire day will get away from you before you realized how famished you are. DON’T be like me. Nourish your body. Try to have at least one big breakfast/brunch/lunch prior to attending shows, so that by the time dinner hits, you’re not dying. Food at NYFW venues is unlikely/non-existent. Champagne is food for fashion people this week. If you need a little more than bubbles to keep you alive – I suggest you eat. 🥂🍔
  2. WTF Do I Wear? Planning what to wear to NYFW can be a beautiful nightmare. A closet full of clothes and you probably feel like you have nothing to wear (as I always do!). If you have access to showrooms, ideally you’ll want to reach out to them and schedule an appointment to pull clothes from them. If you don’t have any showroom contacts, no problem! I recommend stopping by Zara, & Other Stories, even Forever 21. Pick up some key pieces, and fill in the rest. ASOS is another great site for statement pieces and basics + they have really cool, good quality shoes, fun accessories, etc. The brighter/bolder the better when it comes to NYFW and getting your photos captured by street style photographers & magazines. Photographers will be outside of the venue round the clock, but the best times to get their attention is in the morning – afternoon. Get there in advance (I recommend like 20-30 minutes prior to your showtime) to make your mark & have your moment! 📸
  3. Wear shoes that are cute, but also comfy. Heels are great. Heels for 8 hours – not so great. Try to wear shoes that will not only look cute, but feel good after a long day of shows & events. If you don’t live/aren’t staying anywhere close enough to change outfits or shoes, dress for all day. Yes, cute and comfort don’t always go hand-in-hand, and YES this is THE New York Fashion Week – but do you really wanna be the girl that had to sit down every 5 seconds because she decided to wear brand new YSL heels to 4 shows and 3 afterparties? I don’t think so. Do your friends a favor, don’t be that girl. Be practical & honest with yourself! Don’t try to break in new shoes either. This is not the time, nor the place. It sucks – I know, but you’ll thank me later! 
  4. If you can bring a tote, bring a damn tote. Clutches are cute, but clutches can’t hold your water, snacks (we’ll get there), post-show swag bags, and whatever other goodies you pick up throughout the day. Soon when you’re a NYFW pro – you can pass on the tote bag, but you might not want to tbh. Having everything from an umbrella to hand sanitizer and a pair of roll-up flats is 100000% ideal. There are plenty of cute totes out there, and if you don’t want to hold onto the bag all night – understandable. Most if not all events you go to will have a coat check. Keep your wallet and lipgloss on you and ditch the tote for a minute! But for your first NYFW, the tote is the g.o.a.t. 👜=🐐
  5. Water, Water Everywhere – Because there is water nowhere. BYOW. Bring your own water. Sometimes the main NYFW venue has water, sometimes they don’t. What you don’t want, is a midday migraine that puts you out for the count because you’re dehydrated! STAY HYDRATED. Keep a giant bottle of Smart Water in your tote & maybe even 2 Advil, just in case. Rather be safe than sorry! 💧
  6. The magical standing ticket So it’s your first NYFW, and you’re so excited, but all of your invites are coming in with the word, “STANDING” on them where your front row seat number should be. First of all, I get it. Secondly, lets (stand up &) be humble. It’s such an honor to even be invited to a show, standing, sitting, whatever! YOU’RE HERE! That’s a major accomplishment in itself, and unless you’re a breakout star like Cardi B, there will be no front row seat with your name on it your first, second, third, fourth or even fifth time around. BUT all hope is not lost. I received plenty of standing tickets my first couple of times at NYFW – here’s how I got around it. Disclaimer: This doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a shot! When you get inside of the gallery for a show, there are PR people scrambling around everywhere, prepping, placing Kim K in her front row seat (lucky, yet earned), and doing 5 million other things before the show begins. Those are not the people you need to speak to. They’re busy and frankly don’t gaf about talking to you (or me for that matter LOL). Look for the PR people that are semi-calm, holding clipboards or papers, probably wearing a headset. They have the pull to possibly get you an actual seat. Now again, BE HUMBLE ☝🏽. Don’t walk up to these people boasting your accolades. You are not the most important person they’ll come in contact with all day. So humbly and kindly introduce yourself, and if it applies, let them know you’re covering the show for (insert magazine, network, blog here), or that you work for (insert cool, recognizable outlet here). If you have a small blog, let them know you’re a small blogger but would love to be able to see the show a little closer if any seats become available, which they likely will. If you’re nice enough and there is space, they will hook you up if they can! You probably won’t be in the front row next to Beyonce, but you’ll be sitting – and that’s cool af too! Once the show is over, try to find the person that helped you out and thank them. If you can find out which agency they’re with, send them a thank you email the next day or send them a nice treat! Who knows, maybe next season they’ll keep you in mind & your next NYFW ticket will read, “Seat C-14”. Again, not front row, but sh*t, we’ll take it! 🙌🏽
  7. Uber Everywhere If you can. I totally understand it isn’t feasible for everyone, and this is NYC – the subway mecca of the universe. But if you’re someone like me that sweats like a monster just from climbing up 2 flights of steps, a car service like Uber/Juno/Lyft/Via might be a better fit for you. Check your event invites too – some events come with car service codes so that you can get a free ride or a ride up to x amount of dollars! Those things are like golden tickets during NYFW. Definitely use it if you get one! If you’re planning on driving yourself from place to place, I highly recommend you don’t do that. Finding parking in the city is a b*tch, especially this time of year. Don’t even set yourself up to not make your events on time. If anything, park your car in one central garage location, and maneuver from there. 
  8. Bring SNACKS If you take anything out of this blog, I really hope it’s about the food and snacks. Again, there will always be champs, but there will rarely be anything bigger than a few hors d’oeuvres & by then – your stomach will be eating your back. Tough visual, but somebody’s gotta illustrate it. Bring granola bars, mini bags of popcorn, candy, whatever you think will get you through the day if 5 hours go by and you haven’t had time to actually sit down and have a full meal. The last thing you want is to be hangry because you haven’t eaten, miserable because you’re going to be tired, and delirious with an insane migraine because you haven’t had enough water. Put them snacks right next to that water in your tote. 🍌
  9. Bring Battery Packs If you have a battery pack, charge that b*tch up and bring her with you everywhere. Power outlets are far and few in between at NYFW. Don’t rely on being able to charge your phone on-site. Between insta-stories, instagrams, snapchats, and vlogging – your phone battery is going to take a beating, and you don’t want to not be able to order yourself an Uber post-shows and be SOL pacing the streets (potentially in the snow if it’s F/W season) looking for a yellow cab. & If Blake Lively passes by you at an after party, do you not want to document that moment? I think not. Be discreet about that btw – be cool and blend in as much as possible when there are celebs present! It’s just the New York City way 😉 
  10. Take Notes If you plan on blogging your experience at NYFW, I recommend taking notes on your phone so that NYFW you can remind future you, wtf you were doing and where you were at when you saw (insert whatever it was). Jot down the shows you saw, which ones had your favorite hair and makeup displays, favorite shoe selection, nail art, and of course, fashion. Duh 💁🏽‍♀️ Another reason to have a fully charged battery! If that even exists. Damn you, iPhone. Also – most shows (definitely if you’re sitting, I’m not 100% certain about standing areas) will have one/two-sheeters that list the name of that particular designers collection, name of each piece, who was on glam, what brand provided the footwear & everything else. So definitely keep those on you if you’re looking to write about them later!
  11. Plan In Advance Plot and plan everything you can in advance. Shows, brunches, panels, after parties, outfits – everything. Keep it all in your phone. I recommend inputting all of the things you want to do/see/go to in your phone’s calendar & photographing your outfits in advance (unless you’re really good at putting last minute looks together) just so you don’t have to think about it and can see how it will photograph! Planning can keep your anxiety low and your excitement as high as possible. 
  12. Know When To Tap Out I know it’s really tempting to go balls to the wall, but NYFW is the time when I feel the most drained and exhausted, and often times come down with something directly after. Keep your immune system up as much as you can & SLEEP whenever possible. My first time at NYFW outside of being Miss Teen USA, I went to 35 shows/events in 7 days. I don’t recommend this at all – even know it was f-ing awesome. I have never been more exhausted and delirious in my life. I should’ve known when to tap out & be a little more strategic with my time and schedule. If you just want to go and have fun, do ALL of the things! Just remember your body needs rest. You don’t want to miss out on the major things running around at little functions with no real value for whatever you’re coming to NYFW for in the first place. This is an amazing time to network, meet amazing people, see dope designs & get inspiration! Don’t miss out because you didn’t take care of yourself. Speaking to myself not that one too 🤗

Enjoy it! & If you see me around, please come and say hi! Would love to meet all of you 🙂



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