Every holiday season, my mom asks my sisters and I to put together our Christmas lists. When I was their age (10-17) I was quick with the list – making sure it had everything on it that my little heart desired. This list almost always included a puppy or the new Sidekick (#tbt). Now that I’m in my 20’s, #adulting & making my own money, there’s something about asking for Christmas gifts that… I don’t know… just feels weird to me? I don’t know if any of you can relate to this, but I feel like I’m turning into my mom more and more every year! When we ask her what she wants for Christmas she always responds, “Peace and happiness. Time with my family and maybe some pajamas.” I’m sorry – but I don’t know what else I could possibly need other than peace and pajamas (shoutout to NOX). I just feel so overwhelmingly blessed, this year especially, to be able to not just have beautiful things, but to have a beautiful family, a beautiful life, and to be able to do what I do every day and make YOU all feel beautiful. So to appease my mother and because there are a few things I’d be super happy to get from Santa this year, here is my 2016 Christmas Wish List!


Shattered my iPhone 6+ in St. Lucia (blame it on the rum punch) and I’m due for an upgrade. This is happening – Christmas or not LOL!  


$130 at Nordstrom My best friend Ange was wearing this the other day and I just HAD to have it. Because we’re besties and we should always match AND because the scent is just absolutely gorgeous. Went to Lord & Taylor and they didn’t have it, so I was bummed and unfortunately there is no Nordstroms in NYC just yet – So I’m jotting it down on my Christmas list so my mama can hopefully pick me up a bottle! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!



I LOVE Ted Baker coats. They’re beautifully made – structure, colors and all. A little pricey, but definitely durable and worth it. I have one in a beige color – so this one in camel or maybe black? Either way, I’m sold!


$270 at ULTA Beauty & Sephora I’ve had my eye on this wand from T3 for a while. I love beach waves and effortless hair, and this wand is definitely the tool that will achieve that! I’ve seen a few stylists on sets have the T3, so it’s gotta be amaze. Plus, the rose gold color is just so my style!


Milk Marble
$365 at CalPaks.com So basically this is not just a want, but a need considering the fact that my current luggage set is literally on its last legs. I’ve been obsessed with anything marble these days, so when I saw this luggage set on Insta, I knew it was made for me! 


Um. Obviously I have to have these at some point. Because, fur. No but seriously, it seems like every fashionista on IG has these. I wasn’t 100% sold on them at first but I quickly got my life and now I need them 😀 Unfortunately, they’re like sold out everywhere. I heard Santa got a pair for me up at the North Pole though (In a size 41/42 – fingers crossed!!!)

Let me know what you’re hoping to receive this holiday season! But most importantly, I want to know what you’re most thankful for and looking forward to for 2017! A year can make such a difference – so if you didn’t accomplish something you were hoping to in 2016, just know there is always time! Where you’re at isn’t necessarily where you’ll end up and there’s always a bigger picture and a greater plan. Think about the positives this Christmas, because we are all so blessed for so many different reasons. Okay, no more preaching. HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

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